San Diego, California

            Coronado Island

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Carol M ~ Coronado

Dr. Mullins is a great orthodontist and a very kind man. His work is great, my boys have had great results in his care. We've had nothing but good experiences with him and his staff.  I would highly recommend Dr. Mullins to anyone in need of an orthodontist.

Dina G ~ El Cajon

Dr. Mullins is one amazing orthodontist who has a great heart and does great work.  I worked for him for four years, and let me tell you, I know what happens inside of the office and how things are done, and there is no better place to go than to Dr. Mullins.  It is an ethical practice, everything is clean and obeys the OSHA guide lines.  He is a kind man and an amazing orthodontist.  I have seen him put so many beautiful smiles on kids, adults and all ages. I was one of them, I had my braces for almost two years and it was a great experience.  I have referred some friends and family to him, and they are all happy with the results.  He has an amazing staff that consists of clean, hard working, genuine people.

Virginia W ~ El Cajon

I went to see Dr. Joe because my bottom teeth had begun to shift and crowd together causing them to chip my upper teeth. I knew I had to do something soon if I wanted to stop anymore damage. From the first appointment, I was made to feel comfortable and at ease. It is not an easy decision to get braces when you are far from being a teenager. Dr. Joe and his staff truly care about their patients and this has been one of the best decisions I have made.